iOS and Swift

So, iOS and Swift, what's with that... I'm a Windows/C# developer? Well, as a dedicated Windows developer, creating applications in a variety of languages for a Windows platform, I find myself increasingly using Apple devices in my day to day life. Makes sense, then, to have a go at writing apps.

Picking up SWIFT isn't that hard. Remembering all the iOS foibles involved in creating an app for the phone or the iPad is somewhat harder when you have no idea what to do. So, herein are a bunch of random notes on things I have struggled to remember, most of them being blindingly obvous once you know the trick.

I'm expecting to have to document a lot of stuff here, so this list is just an index to another set of pages.

A bunch of notes on navigation, covering stuff like the navigation bar and related things.
These are the tools that help with development; lint tools, package managers and the like.
Internal communications, such as norifications and external communications such as alert boxes.
The kind of useful stuff I don't think I can categorise into a simple grouping. It includes such stuff as delayed actions.
So much of app development revolves around table views and table views are capable of so many useful things. I'll cover some of these here.